Business Sender Pro 7.0

Business Sender Pro is an ultimate WhatsApp Messaging solution with a wide collection of option and services give the user more flexibility when they are sending their campaigns. these solutions allow users to send WhatsApp Campaigns in a very simple way more over provide them tools to filter and verify WhatsApp numbers, grab WhatsApp contact from WhatsApp groups.

Auto Whatsapp Business Sender Turbo Pro Features :
Auto Whatsapp Business Sender Turbo Pro provides an Anti-Blocking technique which reduces the chance of getting banned and keeps WhatsApp account safe.

  • Multi Account ( Multi Channel )
  • Multi File Sending Better Handling
  • Turbo Mode Sending Unlimited Messages
  • Send Multi-Multimedia Message (Photos, Videos , Documents)
  • Whatsapp Numbers Generator
  • Whatsapp Numbers Filters (Support Mufti-Accounts)
  • Whatsapp Groups Contacts Grabber (Get Whatsapp contacts from groups)
  • Anti Block Module
  • Multi text message (reduce chance of blocking)
  • Advanced Internal dialogs (reduce chance of blocking)
  • Sleep Control after X amounts of messages
  • Connection Speed control delay Between message
  • Sending Customized Message
For The Auto Whatsapp Business Sender Turbo Pro Users :
This application when it will start sending it will use the same conversation to send the whole bulk, so do not worry if you see all messages sent from the same place, and to keep sending smooth dear chat history on mobile after 2000 messages.
Important Points :
  • This is a windows desktop application , not working on MAC, LINUX or Android
  • This tool is test on Windows 7/8/10
  • This tool allows you to communicate with recipients that expect receive your messages (Eg. Clients , students , patients , etc. .), and it’s NOT A SPAM TOOL AND SENDING TO RANDOM NUMBERS LEAD TO BLOCK ACCOUNT… , and 1 m not responsible if you got Blocked 
  • This application require Microsoft .net framework 4.6 or greater.

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