FB Leads Generator Common Issues

Until today, HTC and Windows token not working well now. But you can get Android or iPhone token. Please read instruction below how to get token.

Step by Step to Get NEW Facebook Token

MEthod 1:

  1. If you want to get token with minimum chance of checkpoint, you can try this method.

  2. Get Access Token Generator software here ($15) >> http://bit.ly/FacebookTokenGenerator

  3. Install then open the software. (install on Windows computer only)

  4. After open the software, please follow steps like in image below.

  5. Copy the token into FB Leads Generator software then Login. Done!

Note: For the first time using this tool, your Facebook account usually gets a check point. Please check your FB to verify and repeat again.


1. Why token not work and i need to verify my Facebook account?

After you login the Get Token software, maybe token not work and Facebook ask you to verify your Facebook account. The problem only happen for first time only and it required for security purpose. Just verify your Facebook account and login Get Token software to get new token.

2. Why I cannot download the files and Google said Dangerous file?

During download, maybe Google blocked it. So just klik button and select Keep like image below.

Or you can go to url chrome://downloads/ and select “Keep dangerous file”. This is not dangerous file and dont have any virus. Because you login FB from this software, Google marked it as virus. Just ignore it.

3. Cannot install Get Token software on your phone.

This software for Windows computer, not for mobile phone. Don’t download and install it on your phone, but install on your Windows computer only.

4. Cannot install the software on Windows 10 after download.

If you get popup “Windows protected your PC” like image below, click More Info then click Run Anyway.

5. Cannot extract the zip file after download.

You can install 7-Zip software and unzip it. Download here >> https://7-zip.org/download.html

6. Audience stop/finish and no result or cannot login.

Just renew your token. Open Get Token software then get new token again.

7. Cannot install the software and require .NET Framework

FB Leads Generator software require Netframe 4.5 to work. If you dont have, you will get message like below. You can install Netframe from here >> https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework-runtime

8. File .exe was deleted by Antivirus

Add .exe file or instalation folder as Exclusion. You can read more here >> https://goo.gl/QVRLbA

9. Program was close and forget to save

Open installation destination folder (by default is ../Program Files(x86)/JOMBIZ/FB Leads Generator) than looks in LOG folder. System will autosave input in the LOG folder.

10. Access Denied during extract

You must run the software as admin. Right click icon on desktop and click “Run as Administrator“.

11. Cannot get all members in group or fans of page

FB Leads Generator Works Using FB API to Collect Name, Location, Gender and Email or Phone Number into an Audience Database. The database that is collected is based on interactions from Likes, Shares, or Comments and user must set their phone or email as public.

Please note that FB API latest update only allow for this criteria to extract:

  1. User must set their phone or email as public, not privately.

  2. User must active interact either Likes, Shares, or Comments.

  3. For close group, u must joined it before extract. If Public group, no need to join.

  4. System cannot get all members of FB groups.

  5. System cannot get fans/likers of Page.

  6. System get email/phone that users used during registration of Facebook account.