Best 10 Email Marketing Tips and Tricks 2020 – Get Incredible High Open Rates

In this Article I will give you ten Email Marketing Tips and Tricks that help you get better results in your email marketing campaigns and we start right now. My name is Martin hanky I’m a serum and marketing senior consultant and have worked with hundreds of clients from startups to multinational companies over the past 15 plus years. if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to run your business with the help of digital marketing and CRM you can start now with subscribing our email list so you don’t miss anything.

Send On Local Time

Send email is based on the subscribers local time this is really important and this is something you need to set up in your autoresponder, so basically it is absolutely obviously important to send emails to your subscribers based on their local time. if you don’t you end up sending emails to people at midnight or just the time that you don’t want to send these emails so make sure that this is configured in your autoresponder.

Send On Local Time

In each autoresponder it’s a little different you should have an option or checkbox like send messages based on each subscribers local time you could NAB this option and then every message will send on every subscribers local time this is absolutely important and it greatly improves the open rate.

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Don’t Overuse Subscribers Name

Don’t overdo it with the subscriber names in your email that’s really important it’s like the things you do that are special but if you all use, it will end up just ruin your emails it’s okay to use it once in a while or for important emails. For example I mostly use it in my first email and here I usually use the first name of the subscriber first, in the way hello first name this is the only email in a funnel where I use the first name because I want to make it something special and want to be safe that the first email will be opened. So again use the Name of your subscriber in your emails but don’t overdo it.


Shorter And More Effective Subject

Use shorter and more effective email subject this is really important and keeps your emails really clean and easy, Let me explain why This is really so important you need to think about what kind of experiences your subscribers make they open their inbox and probably have 200 emails in it. But you have a lot of emails and obviously people who will not pay attention and read everything in the email, If you have a short subject it won’t be like that you don’t need that long to read the subject of your email if your subject is short and concise they will open your mails.

So it’s absolutely trivial but think about it subscribers probably receive hundreds of emails every day from different people, if you keep the subject short and concise they will read it and open the email. if it is interesting enough so keep in mind that you should use short and effective email subject.

Same Theme in Every Email

Follow the same theme in every email this is something you should do and it works really well, if you have the same theme in every email you send people somehow start to keep you in mind they open your emails because you have a different style a different way of doing things. For example you always have a picture in the emails and you use the same font and the same type of spacing etc, So the mails are clean they are simple and you use the same theme in all your emails.

First Hundred Characters

The first hundred characters of your email body are important something that not many marketing specialists talk about because it’s either that they don’t notice it or it’s an absolutely powerful tip. So they don’t want other people to find out if you use this especially for china users and many people use Gmail at Yahoo or other email providers. I’m not sure but if you send an email people will read it before open it you’ll be able to see part of your email body in your inbox before they open it, This is really important to have a good first part in your email a powerful member is done in your email text.


So if you have a really strong catchy stunning your email body people will read before they open your emails, This will help you improve your opening rates, This will help you get crazy good opening rates so it really is the first hundred characters of your email body will usually appear in the following areas such as the inbox right next to your subject line so make sure you really use this option for your advantage. Does that make sense so far if so right Yes in the comments below.

Send Email Every Day

Send email every day to filter good and bad subscribers make sure you filter out bad subscribes you want to remove people who don’t open your emails from your list, That’s something you should do you could say you don’t want to send emails every day because she doesn’t want to spam but if you offer a good value and a good content the interested subscribers will not leave your list and these are the people you want you want.

Send Email Every Day

People who are really your fans to be on your list you want people who are interested in your content to be on your list, Because otherwise you have a list of people who are just don’t open your emails that’s why you’ll send emails every day. It will help you to sort out people who are not interested in your content they can simply unsubscribe from the list, So at the end you get a good effective email list. So you filter out bad subscribers when you send emails every day the people who are interested they’ll stay in your list.

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Good Email Marketing Service

Use a good Email Marketing service use a good email marketing tool I usually recommend a get response and may chip these are the best to start with especially if you are a beginner. The best for you are these three a get response and MailChimp.

Good Email Marketing Service

Content and Values

Offer great content and values that’s something I’ve talked a lot about it’s absolutely important that you offer excellent quality content and value you want people to be on your list, Because of the value you have you don’t want to be like other marketers or other companies that send spam. Make sure you provide great content of great value this will allow people to open and read your emails and interact this is an important point.

Stay in Touch With Your Business

Get your subscribers stay in touch with your business it actually helps you grow your business and its really powerful, What you should is ask for subscribers to follow you or in your company or whatever you offer as a service on social media. If you have a Facebook page you ask it to follow you on Facebook or if you have a YouTube channel make sure you ask to subscribe to your channel. YouTube Twitter or LinkedIn whatever you have get your subscribers to stay in touch with your company. The more you involve them with your business the harder it gets for them to leave you.

Stay in Touch With Your Business

For example suppose one of your customer is only in your email list and the other is in your email list but also on social media like Facebook or YouTube, So the customer has more to do with your business that’s really powerful.

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Short Email Copies

Write short email copies with short sentences and large font sizes this is something you should do, if possible you know sometimes you can’t just but if it’s possible you should write a short email copies with short sentences and large phones make reading a lot easier. Because when the people see along email they simply won’t read it they just don’t read it because it’s too long they don’t want to invest so much time to read a long email. Use short sentences with short spaces between each sentence this is also a small part of it, So it will be easier for your subscribers to read your emails use large for size.

Short Email Copies

I’m not talking about huge but larger for sizes than usual larger than usual perhaps instead up, For example we say 14 as usual then use 16 so it just seems slightly bigger but not too big.

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