How To Instant Dig Millions of Potential Consumer Data from Facebook with PixLEADS PRO 2020 in Just Minutes and You Can Get Millions of Potential Targeted Buyers from Facebook, With Just 3 Easy Steps!

Capture Thousand REAL Email and Phone Number from Facebook in few minutes!

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There are four(4) main features which are Leads from FB Keywords, Leads from FB Groups, Leads from FB Friends dan Leads from FB Pages.

This Facebook Lead Generation Software will help you to get Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook, Build a Real Audience and Massive Email in any Niche you can imagine!

Advantages of Getting Traffic from Targeted Facebook Members

pixleads_2020Facebook are the largest place for people to share their common interests, express opinion, discuss issues and post relevant content. Today, you will discover the Cheapest way to get a massive amount of Traffic from Facebook members who are interested in your topic. PixLeads software will take your business to a new level!

Where do Leads come from?

Consistent Targeted Traffic is essential for any successful business.

The most traditional way to get leads is by buying databases of telephone numbers, email addresses or mailing addresses. As you can imagine, these lists are immense, which gives you a high quantity of leads, but the quality is notoriously very poor.download pixleads 2020
Alternatively, you can attend trade shows and other industry events and collect business cards the old fashioned way. Or you can stalk people on social media and try to get in touch with them that way through channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Leads generated in this way usually have great quality, but come with a high time-cost which limits the quantity that you will be able to generate.

But wait, there’s another way!

I want to share with you a new approach to lead-generation that will deliver both quantity and quality

– it is based on Facebook data. Even a complete newbie with no experience with Facebook marketing or Facebook Lead Generation Software can set up their own profit-pulling in a few minutes!



Now the Easiest Way to Get Targeted Leads and Optimize Your Sales without Spending a Dime!

  • Easily build Names and Email Addresses or Phone Number of Facebook Niche Group members.
  • Easy way to find Profitable Niche Groups on Facebook.
  • Easy way to find Targeted Leads base on keywords search.
  • Easy way to get all Friend List of your friends! (NEW)
  • You can add multiple group members Emails into a single list and import them to FB Custom Audience or Email/Phone Marketing list. (dont SPAM users)
  • No monthly charges – You pay only a one time only small charge.
  • Email are REAL, not email @facebook.com
  • Newbie Friendly.


Remember, you’re building LIFETIME FB LEADS for the first time ever, then you can send campaign at ANY TIME with a click of a button!

No More Boring Manual Tasks, Working Hard to Close Sales & Missing Out on Opportunities…

Don’t Believe The Hype About How Easy it is?

Using this software you can easily find Facebook Niche Groups and Create a List of Name and Email Addresses or Phone Number of selected Facebook Group Members. This Members list can be add to FB Custom Audience list or target them with any genuine promotional method like Email Marketing or SMS/Whatsapp Marketing campaign. NOTE: The software only can capture FB users that set Email or Phone as public.


This Is Why Facebook Lead Generation Comes in to Save Your Day

You can Utilize this Highly Targeted Leads to promote anything you want

PixLeads pro download

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Search Facebook Group or Page

Select any Facebook Groups to set up a targeted list. You can insert any Keywords or insert FB Group ID to start searching. (No need to join group if Public Group)

Step 2

Get Leads in any FB Group or Page


You can insert bulk group ID to captures more users from FB Group or Page. Also can insert keyword to search and find audience from FB. And PixLeads can get leads from your friends of friends too.

Step 3

Copy and Save List


Copy and Save list in Notepad as TXT or CSV files. Name, Location and Email (not @fb.com mail) was captured. You can add multiple group members Emails into a single list.


1. FB CUSTOM AUDIENCE – Upload CSV data that you get into FB Custom Audience and make FB Ads. Target your ads to these audience. You need to know the basics of FB Ads for this.

2. SMS or WHATSAPP BLASTING – You can use sms tool or whatsapp such as AUTOWASAP.COM or ROKETSMS.COM for blasting purposes to the targeted leads.

3. EMAIL BLASTING – You can use email marketing tool like ROKETMEL.COM for email blasting to the targeted leads. Make sure to verify your email first before blasting.

Now, you can Simply Import the List to FB Ads Custom Audience or to Email, SMS or Whatsapp Marketing and Send Out Campaign to Them!

What PixLeads pro 2020 can Do?

Leads from FB Keywords : 106,148 leads in two days!

Fb leads extractor pixleads 2020


Leads from FB Groups 32,701 leads in half day!

Leads From facebook Groups

Leads from FB Pages : 1,242 leads in few minutes!


Leads From facebook PagesFacebook Lead Generation Software Finally Makes Making Money on Facebook Hands-Free by Capture More Unlimited Targeted Leads!


Don’t Believe The Hype About How Easy it is?





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Note: PixLeads is a Windows-based Program and not support Mac OS.
Only FB users that set their Email and Phone as publicly can be capture

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